Yeah, That Wasn’t Any Easier

So today was Day 3 of Wek 2 of Phase 1 of Metabolic Aftershock. Yeah, and as the title says it definitely isn’t getting any easier. Ughhhhh!!! This Day 3 workout holy cannoli folks!!! I’ve been done with the workout for an hour and my legs are still feeling a little shaky. 

Bulgarian Split Squats, Lunges, and Squats, oh and then some staggered push-ups just for a little extra torture. Yeah, I hate you! My legs will be feeling this through the weekend. But, hey I am pushing myself and working hard!  The sweat that was pouring off me is definitely proof of that, oh and the fact I was sucking wind. 

And, of course after I finished the Aftershock workout it was onto my treadmill training. Yeah, I wanted to die 10 minutes with a tenth of a mile/hour increase in speed felt like 10 days, but I pushed through and did it. 

I’m going and I’m sticking with it but it exhausts me. But, there is no stopping me I need to make the changes and I feel pretty awesome afterwords so it’s worth it. 

And, it’s Friday which means some fun things planned for the weekend and no scheduled exercise but I’m sure I’ll find something to do. 

Enjoy your weekend. 

Seriously, Mother Nature

It’s Tuesday and I had planned on getting a bike ride in. Hahahaha jokes on me. Mother Nature has it out for me. Last week, well it rained every day, but this week apparently Mother Nature is just going to keep me from it. 

I woke up this morning to rain again. Yesterday was beautiful today it’s rainy and dreary. Ughhhhh. Bike ride not happening again. That’s okay. I planned for this, this week. 

I did my treadmill workout, and then hit the Wave for a little workout. Yeah my legs are feeling it that and yesterday’s Metabolic Aftershock workout have definitely made the legs aware of the work I’ve been putting in. 

I’m already looking towards next week and what I’m going to do with my treadmill workout. Do I add more time do I add more speed or do I give myself a week to get used to the time and speed I’m at. I’m not sure, but being that I’m joining a challenge group next week on top of the Metabolic Aftershock workout and treadmill training I’m leaning more towards just staying at time and speed and get used to the added workout of Shaun T’s Cize. I’ve got a little while to think about it and come up with a plan so I’m not too worried about it. 

I will say the whole getting up and going thing kills me but once I start the working out its easy. Okay the working out isn’t easy, but once I start going it’s easy to keep going until the end. So, here it is folks it’s just the getting there to the workout, but once you start you’ll get through it. 

I’ve noticed a difference in just the week and a half I’ve been seriously recommitted to working out. I’ve got more energy and I’m not as quickly winded after doing activity. Don’t get me wrong I still get winded but not nearly as quickly. My joints are even starting to feel better not as stiff, swollen, and sore. Get up and move it really does work. 

Happy Tuesday 

Can We Say Jello?

OMG!!!! Today was Day 3 workout of Phase 1 of Metabolic Aftershock l, and all I can say is Holy Crowbar!!!

It was 15 minutes of heavy concentration on the legs. Bulgarian Split Squats, Lunges, and more Squats, oh and some staggered push-ups just to torture you a little. 

By the second round I wasn’t sure if my legs were going to hold out l, and I’m doing the beginner modifications. Good gracious I couldn’t even imagine doing the normal or yet alone more advanced versions. I’d be on the floor before round 1 was done. 

Let’s just say there was lots of resting for me on this particular workout, but that’s okay. That’s kind of the point of the workout. Work as hard as you can and rest as much as you need to so that you can work as hard as you need to. I’m glad I don’t have another one of these workouts until Monday though because I’m pretty sure I’m going to be feeling this one for a day or 2. 

I followed up the Jello leg inducing workout with 9 minutes on the treadmill which at first I was like I’m never going to make it through this, but once I got started I made it through. Oh, and big breakthrough for me. Cover. The. Time. I have a tendency to stare at the time on the treadmill and say oh 5 minutes left, now it’s 4.5. Yeah that is so not good and I’m usually like oh my this is so slow I’ll never make it. However, today I threw my towel over the time so I couldn’t see it and just went off my music. I listened to 2 songs figuring that would be at least 7+ minutes and then checked the time. I was right. When I checked the time I had less than 90 seconds of my treadmill sentence left. Let’s just say it went by way faster and I didn’t feel like I wasn’t going to make it through. So note to self. Hide. The. Time. 

Ahhhhhh, and now to enjoy the weekend. Of course it’s supposed to continue raining. It’s been raining for days here. And I mean days. Not sure what we will be doing for the weekend as there are tons of things going on in the area but they all take place outdoors and with the weather the way it is none of them will be that fun. 

Hope wherever you are the weather is splendid for a fun filled spring weekend. 

I Did It

Today, I did it. I started in on making the changes I need to make to be a healthier me. I’ve been off the wagon way too long. 

I almost sabotaged myself, but pushed through and did it. The weather this morning was absolutely horrendous. The rain was coming down so hard that it was making quite the racket up against the house and windows. This of course did not make me want to get up and face the day. So, yeah I ended up getting a much later start than I had planned. 

Even so I made myself do the workout that was scheduled for today. It just means I have to do other things at a different time is all. 

I logged on to Daily Burn and did my first workout in a long time. It was a good workout, it got my heart rate up and most importantly it got me moving. It incorporated a lot of stretching with some karate, boxing, and kickboxing moves. It was low impact and had a ton of variations to make it the level you needed. I liked it and will see what tomorrow brings. 

Along with doing my workout I’ve logged all my food eaten and have stayed under my calorie goal for the day.

I’ve decided, well actually I’ve known this for a long time that by planning out my meals at least a day ahead of time makes it easier to eat within limits and stay healthy. I also made a to do list for the day of things I needed to get done and put workout as the first time on the list. I think I’ll be continuing this as I get great satisfaction of crossing items off the list and I see all that I need to complete for the day. I still have 2 small items left on the list but they will be done before going to sleep tonight. 

How’s your Tuesday treating you?

Got To Get Moving

This morning I set the alarm for 7am, rolled out of bed and did a 30 minute workout. Today is Day 4 of the #FitIn15 challenge in which you do a 10-30 minute walk. Well, the treadmill is in the garage and it was 15 degrees out, and well the garage wasn’t exactly warm. So, I opted for an inside workout video. I did the Cardio Pound workout.
It’s a fun little 30 minute workout where I get to make some noise with drumsticks and get a workout in.
I had breakfast, made the husband’s chili, by made I mean threw everything in the CrockPot and am letting it cook all day.
I followed this up with a 45 minute HIIT training aerobic workout. I threw this workout in this morning since I am not sure if belly dancing class is happening tonight. If it is I will go to it, and if not I got my workout in already.
I did all of this stuff early this morning since I have an appointment right dead smack in the middle of the day and also I have to be there an hour before the appointment.
After the appointment it’s off to yoga and possibly belly dancing or it’ll be home after yoga and time for dinner.
I packed my lunch to eat after my appointment. Can I tell you how much I love Bento boxes. They are great everything all in one spot and it’s compact and easy to carry. Plus it locks all together and there is no worry of the lid popping off and spilling out the contents. I have a ton of Bento boxes all varying in sizes. I of course want some stainless steel ones. I have plastic ones which are all BPA free but still I like stainless steel and glass better for storing things.
So an early day, but I definitely was productive. Made the meal plan for next week and shopping list as well, so yeah productive day. I’ll be folding laundry tonight I have several loads to fold. Hmmmm self folding clothes can we get on that universe please.

YouTube To The Rescue

Today was supposed to be the return to the gym and fitness classes after the long 2 weeks of holiday time off. However, life has occurred.
However, it’s okay. I knew on Saturday that o wouldn’t be able to attend my classes so I made a plan, and I followed through with it.
I was going to be using YouTube today anyway, because today is the first day of the FitIn15 Challenge that I am taking part in. And, well it’s done on YouTube.
If you’re interested in joining the FitIn15 challenge it’s not too late. Log on to YouTube and subscribe to JessicaSmithTV and join the challenge. Today’s workout was great. It was just 15 minutes long hence part of the name FitIn15 not just for 2015. It was a cardio workout, but my legs definitely got a workout too. They were starting to feel the burn. She is great with the way she does her videos in offering variations for all levels. She shows how to keep it low impact or for those seasoned fitness enthusiasts how to take it up a few notches. I found myself doing some lower impact stuff and other moves at a higher intensity. It’s so simple and easy to switch from the varying degrees of difficulty. I’m looking forward to the rest of this challenge.
I followed up my 15 minute workout with a 60 minute playlist by Club Fitz. If you haven’t checked her out on YouTube yet, you should. She teaches a hip hop fitness class in Oklahoma and tapes new dances and puts them up on YouTube. They are a lot of fun. I of course need to watch them a million times to pick up the choreography but that’s okay because I’m moving the whole time. She’s also created a few playlists and I did one of her 60 minute playlists. And, yeah I’m pretty sure I’d die in one of her classes because it was 60 minutes of working my legs, abs, arms, and dancing my butt off. It’s a lot of fun and I was sweating my butt off by the end. I think I want to find a hip hop fitness class to try out from time to time here in VA.
Finally I finished off my YouTube marathon with a 60 minute Yin Yoga workout. It was a workout that focused on the spine. This workout is wonderful it’s very low impact and with yin yoga we held each pose for 3 minutes. I of course find myself deeper and deeper in the pose as the minutes progress. This is one of my favorite workouts. It’s relaxing and I definitely feel my spine elongated and the muscles around my spine relaxed a bit after this workout is complete.
So, even though I wasn’t able to hit my fitness classes I still did the types of workouts that I would of attended in class. It’s all about keeping that appointment with yourself.
And, today I did. It felt good to really workout after 2 weeks of not doing much.

Feeling It Today

So yesterday I took over 30,000 steps, that’s 15 miles. And, well today I’m feeling it. My calves, hips, and well pretty much all of my legs are feeling it today. I’m definitely a bit sore. Add in the fact that I’m exhausted today, and well my step count is nowhere near 30,000 today, but that’s ok. I’m still 3,000 steps over my daily goal.

Workouts today were adjusted. I just couldn’t bring myself to do squats, lunges, and other calisthenics, mixed in with cardio to make a half hour of circuit training. I did however do an hour and 15 minutes of aerobics. I thought that by moving a lot I’d loosen up the tight and sore muscles, and it did help.  I also did my daily dose of yoga.  So even though I didn’t do the planned workout, I still worked out hard.

I am of course quite exhausted and will be calling it an early tonight.  I’m hoping tomorrow the legs are feeling better so I can attack the steps. I’m not planning on doing 30,000 again but 20,000 isn’t so far-fetched.

Keep being active.


Can I tell you how much I love the app, NTC -Nike Training Club.

Its pretty awesome. The app is an assortment of workouts lasting anywhere from 15 To 45 minutes. With different focuses from getting lean, toned, strong, or focusing on a specific body part. In addition to the different time and focus they also different levels offering beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This allows you to pick and choose the best workout for yourself.

After choosing your focus, level, and time requirements, you find a workout just right for you, and if there is something that you’re not able to do, or don’t want to do you can further customize the workout.

The workouts require minimal equipment, usually dumbbells, medicine ball, and/or jump rope. You can also do the workouts without any of the equipment.

The workout coaches you through the entire thing, giving cues, and counting down how much time is left. Each move can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. If you need to change sides the “coach” will let you know when you’ve reached the time to switch.

The nice thing about he app is you get a good strength training workout, with no need to step into a gym, and you can take it with you on the go. Going on vacation, your trainer can come with you. How perfect is that?

If you’re looking for a change to your routine check this app out, you may just fall in love with it too.

Back On Track

Today, was the first day in a few that I feel like I’m back on track and following my workout plan. I did my workouts and even added time to my treadmill time. I did a full hour on the treadmill, and followed that up with 20 minutes of yoga. I also have started to continue with my push-up progression. I’m now doing 2 sets of 25 wall push-ups, and well my arms are like limp noodles, and those 2 sets made the arms burn. I think it might be a little while before I reach 1 set of 50 wall push-ups.

Of course I finally get back on track with the working out, and now I think I’m coming down with a cold. I have been tied and worn down the last few days, and today I woke up after 12 hours of sleep and lounging around, still feeling a bit tired and a sore throat.

I’m hoping by staying active, getting plenty rest, consuming liquids, and eating right, I’m hoping that I’ll kick this cold in the butt.

Happy Wednesday everyone.