The weather here in my neck of the woods Virginia it has been raining cats and dogs.

It has been dreary and miserable the last two days and will continue through tomorrow. 

Well let’s just say the rainy weather is not very good for my motivation. As in my house is a mess, my laundry is overflowing, and I’m making a dent in my couch. 

I will say that I’ve put a serious dent in my book I’ve been reading. I also managed to get some studying for my class done. 4 chapters worth of terms and notes all typed up and ready to be printed out. 

I’ve been eating like crap the last couple of days and not exercising at all and being a complete couch potato. All really bad things. I need to get myself out of this funk and get myself moving. 

I really need to go back to my fitness classes however with my night classes and kickball league it makes it nearly impossible to attend them. 

Monday night we do have a double header so I’ll get some activity in then, and I’m thinking Wednesday I’ll hit up my zumba and yoga class. I’ll drag the hubby along with me, he’ll hit the gym doing some lifting and cardio while I attend classes. 

I definitely need to do something. 

I have plenty of workout programs I can do at home between BeachBody, The Pound, KettleWorx, Moov, Couch25K, Walk at Home, so really I have no excuse to not work out. I need to schedule it in my day again and just make it a part of my day again. 

It’s that whole getting started thing that’s the problem once I start I have no problem keeping at it its just that getting started thing. 

Ah motivation you are lacking again. Where are you my old friend?

I Think It Can be Considered Weight Training

Did laundry today


Dirty laundry to the washer, wet clothes from washer to dryer, dry clothes from dryer to bed to be folded, and then stacks of folded clothes to the dresser and closer to be put away. 

Yeah that’s definitely considered an arm/upper body workout right?

Yoga Blocks

I recently have started doing yoga. I’m doing different forms of yoga 5 times a week. I’ve been doing a yoga workout with weights once a week, a Pilates barre workout, a yoga dance workout, once a week, and then twice a week I’ve been doing sun salutations yoga.

Today was one of the days I did a sun salutation workout. And, well it’s the 4th time I’ve done the workout, and it was AMAZING! I was able to get the movements to flow, and even started getting the breaths right.

The big reason for the breakthrough today was because of Yoga blocks. I really had no idea that they could help with the ability to hold poses. But, I am a believer now. Yoga blocks are amazing. I found by using them to aid me I was able to hold the positions longer and felt stronger. Along with this I found it easier to flow from position to position.

As I get stronger and more flexible I know that I won’t need the blocks as much, and I’m looking forward to that day, but for now I’ll be using them. I actually felt like the workout was beneficial and not a strenuous experience. After today, I think it’s safe to say that I am quickly becoming a yoga lover.

Every time I do the sun salutation series it’s getting a little easier and more natural. I’m still working on connecting my breath with the movements. But, just like the movements and positions the breathing aspect of the practice will take practice. And, well I’m up for the practice time.

If you’re ever doing yoga and struggling, don’t be afraid to reach for those blocks they are there for a reason. I’m a lover of yoga blocks.

Mornings And I Are Not Friends

You could say that mornings and I have some issues. I’m pretty much useless in the mornings until about 10am. I don’t have any facts as to why I function better after 10, other than I just do.

Well this morning I was being a nanny and have to be over to the house by 6:15, which means I am getting up and needing to be useful well before I want too. The alarm went off at 5:15, because I know that I’m hitting the snooze several times so better start the wake up process a bit earlier than need be. I had a second alarm set for 5:30, which is pretty much the time I must get up and moving.  I need to get the dogs and myself taken care of before heading out the door by 6. I did manage to drag myself out of bed and get things going.

Now the best part about this nanny job is it’s split into a morning and an afternoon shift. The morning shift is over by 9. So usually I bring myself home and curl back up in bed, yeah it’s not a problem for me to go back to sleep after being up and active. Did I mention I love sleep.

This morning, I told myself no! I was not going back to sleep after getting home, I was going to work out, and you know what I did. I’m pretty proud of myself that’s something big. Why, you ask well I really like sleep, and I really dislike working out. But, this morning I sucked it up and did a workout from my Learn 2 Run program, and promptly followed that up with 20 minutes of yoga. Oh, and holy cannoli am I not flexible at all. Yikes! Looks like yoga will be a thing I will be sticking with for a while.

So, I’d like to say to this early morning, Ha, I kicked your ass! Of course now it’s 8pm and I am ready for bed, but hey I did something today that usually I won’t even consider.

Happy Friday and hope you have an enjoyable weekend.