Really Wyoming?

Yesterday morning I woke up to lovely warm temperatures and a sunny sky.  Of course that was in Las Vegas.  In Wyoming this morning I woke up to this:



Okay, I get it I live in Wyoming and it snows here. But, it has been snowing for 8 months, 8 months, that’s 3/4 of a year.  I think we’ve had enough. Let’s have some spring weather and enjoy life. Snow is no longer needed here. I want to go for walks outside and get some vitamin D without having to ingest it in pill form. Please sun, warm weather, and Spring come to stay in Wyoming.

Really! Again

So, it’s snowing here in Wyoming again.  I know what you’re thinking, well it is winter, and you do live in Wyoming, so this shouldn’t really surprise you. True, and right on all accounts. I just would like to have a whole week where I don’t have to shovel, wrestle the snowblower, and chisel my car out of a deep freeze. Just one week that’s all I’m asking. It’s already been a long winter, and it just officially started. Although, here in Wyoming winter graced us with her prescience in September. So see long winter already. I’ve endured months of it already.

The good thing about the snow is it does provide a great workout, but still I want to enjoy nice walks outside, and not have to wear my boots everywhere. I have lots of cute shoes and they are being seriously neglected right now.

The snow also does help my skiing habit a bit. I think next weekend I’ll be hitting the slopes for a few turns.

How’s the snow removal going in your neck of the woods.

Shoveling, My new Winter Workout

I grew up in upstate NY, so snow is something I’m used to. And, now that we are currently living in Wyoming it’s something I’m seeing still. Unfortunately, this year the snow started early like first week of October early, and not just a little either, I’m talking feet. Ughhh that’s way too early to start winter. Especially since last year winter went all through April with a storm every week dropping over a foot of snow each time.

My snow removal mentality last year was, who the heck cares it’ll melt. I have 4wd and boots. I don’t need to shovel or snow blow this nonsense. It will eventually melt. And, I’m a little ashamed to admit that it would be my mentality this year as well, but our house is on the market. And, with that I need a clean and clear driveway, walkway, and sidewalks. As you can guess snow removal has become my new workout. We have a big driveway and lots of sidewalk to take care of here.  I went out earlier and cleared the driveway and walkway because people were coming to look at the house. The sidewalks didn’t get done, because there just wasn’t enough time. I was going to do it now that I’m back home, but it’s snowing out again and we could get another 3 inches by morning. So tomorrow the shoveling will be a bit heavier and with more to remove but it’s going to wait till then.

Seriously, though have you shoveled snow. It’s a workout. I went out in 10 degree weather with a sweatshirt on and was not the least bit cold, and I’m always cold. I’m sure it would have been even more of a workout if I was lifting and throwing the snow I was just pushing it to the sides.

Guess this will be an added workout for me from now on, well at least until the house sells, and we live where it snows.

We do have a snowblower that gets used when we get a lot of snow, but I really don’t like using it. It’s heavy really to heavy for me to maneuver without feeling like I’m wrestling the darn thing. So when the snowfall is minimal I stick to the shovel.

But, hey shoveling makes me get up and move and I’m burning some calories while doing something that needs to be done, so it’s not all bad.