Yoga & A Brewery

A friend of mine and I decided since we live back in the same town we need to hang out more often. We got together a couple of months ago for a coffee date, and then again around Christmas time we hung out for an hour or so. It was time to get together holidays are over and it’s time to hang out.
Her suggestion was yoga at Smartmouth Brewery on Sunday. I at first took this as code for let’s get drunk. Which, hey I’m okay with, but we are friends no need to talk in code, we can just come out and say this stuff. I went to the Brewery’s website and sure enough once a month on Sundays they offer a free yoga class. What!!!! Awesome!!!
I mean think about it, it’s kind of a genius plan, and a sure fire way to get some more people interested in yoga and your product. Jen’s husband came to the class as well. I’m thinking I may be able to even convince the husband to try yoga, or yogurt as he calls it. I mean do yoga for an hour and then there is beer. You don’t even have to go anywhere to get the beer it’s right in the same room you do yoga in. During the class they talk about beer, they tell you face the bar or taps, probably something you never thought you’d hear in a yoga class. So maybe I can convince the husband to try it out. We will see.

The class was packed. There were a lot of people willing to do some yoga for beer afterwards. As every available space of floor was used. Not only was the class packed but it was a great class. I really enjoyed it. It was amazing! I pushed myself hard and even did all of the downward dogs, was doing well in balancing poses, and felt good in all of my warrior variations. I plan on pushing myself in my regular classes if I could do it today I can do it every day.
After the class one you could get beer if you so choose. None for this girl as their was no gluten-free beer for this girl, but also they were giving a tour of the brewery. It was really informative we even got to meet the head brewmaster. They gave a great tour and gave lots of information and answered all the questions that were thrown at them.


If you can find it they do sell cans of 3 of their beers. Well as long as your in the Hampton Roads area up to Richmond.
I definitely will be going back next month for their class it’s a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday morning.

And, since these yoga classes are only once a month Jen and I are going to head on over to Lululemon on Sundays as they offer a free class as well. Looks like we will be having Sunday yoga dates. I’ll be looking forward to them.

New Stuff Thank You Amazon Prime

Just got my 3 new cookbooks I ordered and they came a day early. Kind of excited about that.
I’ve already quickly looked through them and used my post-it flags on several recipes that looked interesting. Of course I will go through them more thoroughly when I have more time and I’m sure find several more recipes to try out.

But, these are the 3 newest cookbooks to be added to my collection.
It was like Christmas at my house today, because as well as my cookbooks coming my Rx Bars came. I ordered these bars as they are Paleo and Whole 30 approved and I will definitely be doing another Whole 30 come March 1st. See already have my March challenge picked out, just got to pick out February’s. Need to get on that ASAP as there are only a few days left. Anyway, I haven’t tried one of the bars yet but I purchased the Coconut Cacao ones. We shall see. If I like them I’ll be ordering another flavor to try out. And, I didn’t even forget about the husband, I ordered him the mix pack of Epic Bars. I won’t eat them but I thought it’d be something good for him to try and if he likes them then we will definitely be getting him more.
I’m loving this new healthy, clean eating way of living and have been discovering so many cool new things. And a lot of that has to do with Pinterest, which is where tonight’s dinner comes from. I made zucchini lasagna which I’ve done in the past but kind of winged my own recipe, where as I decided to follow this one today, you can check it out here.
I’ve written down the instructions for the husband on how to cook it as he will be home before me tonight.
And, let me tell you TwoGrand has been an amazing app, it’s basically Instagram for your food. But, people are posting such awesome food. And, you can ask them for the recipes and they share. I’ve seen a couple of things that I’ve saved to my favorites so that I can try them out. And, also you learn about new things. Namely Epic Bars that I just bought for the husband, and Calm the Anti-Stress Drink, it’s a magnesium supplement. Which is funny because I asked about this product and a day or 2 later in the news was a big article about how most people don’t get enough magnesium. I just purchased some and tried it for the first time last night. I’ll give it a few days and let you know what I think of it, so be sure to check back in for that review.
Anyway I’m off to yoga and then some belly dancing. See you all tomorrow.

Getting Back Into It

With the holiday weekend that meant 3 days of no gym classes. And, well when you go 6 times a week and take 11 classes a week, going 3 days without those classes messes with you.
I’m happy to say that I really enjoyed yesterday’s classes. I attended yoga and belly dancing. Usually Tuesday’s I go to Krav after yoga however, my friend who I attend class with is on vacation so no Krav class until she comes back. But, I was okay with that because I attended my second belly dancing class.
First, though I had to get through power yoga. Man, I don’t know if it was the extra day off from doing yoga, or if the instructor was just making us work for it, but the hour class was a bit brutal. I was definitely working up a sweat and had a bit of a shake going at times. It was a great workout, but I definitely was feeling it.
And, well that hour class was immediately followed up by an hour of belly dancing. The thing I like about the class is that it’s a ton of fun and the entire time it doesn’t fee like a workout, but let me assure you it is. My abs are a bit sore today. They are definitely feeling all of the work they did yesterday. It’s a great class and a ton of fun and so worth the hour spent in class.
It feels really good to b going to class again. I miss it when I can’t go or the classes are cancelled. I’m looking forward to today’s Zumba and slow flow yoga class today.
I also completed Workout #8 of the Fit In 15 challenge I’m doing. Which means that I’m more than half way through that challenge. I need to start thinking about what February’s challenge is going to be. And, I’ve got a week and an half left of my DietBet.
This past weekend away definitely hampered the DietBet results a bit, but I’m confident that I’ll get there. I’ll be eating more Whole 30 meals instead of Paleo/Primal meals next week which will hopefully also help to shed the last couple of pounds I need to lose. I can do this.
When we got home I did get on the scale and it went up but as I got on it this morning and I was back to where I was before I think it was a bit of water weight from eating a lot of salty food. I also had some inflammation going on as my ankles and feet were swelled up a bit. Probably a combination of salt, water retention, and a bit of gluten ingestion. So, I’m confident that I can get to my DietBet goal.
Happy Hump Day

A Little Meme Action

This was me yesterday in yoga class and probably will be me again today.

This is so true. I have the bruises to show for it. But, I love this class and look forward to it.

Yeah that’s my look as we are learning another new routine today.

And, seriously I do have a spot in zumba, but especially in yoga class and it puts me in a state when people are in it.

And, finally words to live by:


Got To Get Moving

This morning I set the alarm for 7am, rolled out of bed and did a 30 minute workout. Today is Day 4 of the #FitIn15 challenge in which you do a 10-30 minute walk. Well, the treadmill is in the garage and it was 15 degrees out, and well the garage wasn’t exactly warm. So, I opted for an inside workout video. I did the Cardio Pound workout.
It’s a fun little 30 minute workout where I get to make some noise with drumsticks and get a workout in.
I had breakfast, made the husband’s chili, by made I mean threw everything in the CrockPot and am letting it cook all day.
I followed this up with a 45 minute HIIT training aerobic workout. I threw this workout in this morning since I am not sure if belly dancing class is happening tonight. If it is I will go to it, and if not I got my workout in already.
I did all of this stuff early this morning since I have an appointment right dead smack in the middle of the day and also I have to be there an hour before the appointment.
After the appointment it’s off to yoga and possibly belly dancing or it’ll be home after yoga and time for dinner.
I packed my lunch to eat after my appointment. Can I tell you how much I love Bento boxes. They are great everything all in one spot and it’s compact and easy to carry. Plus it locks all together and there is no worry of the lid popping off and spilling out the contents. I have a ton of Bento boxes all varying in sizes. I of course want some stainless steel ones. I have plastic ones which are all BPA free but still I like stainless steel and glass better for storing things.
So an early day, but I definitely was productive. Made the meal plan for next week and shopping list as well, so yeah productive day. I’ll be folding laundry tonight I have several loads to fold. Hmmmm self folding clothes can we get on that universe please.

YouTube To The Rescue

Today was supposed to be the return to the gym and fitness classes after the long 2 weeks of holiday time off. However, life has occurred.
However, it’s okay. I knew on Saturday that o wouldn’t be able to attend my classes so I made a plan, and I followed through with it.
I was going to be using YouTube today anyway, because today is the first day of the FitIn15 Challenge that I am taking part in. And, well it’s done on YouTube.
If you’re interested in joining the FitIn15 challenge it’s not too late. Log on to YouTube and subscribe to JessicaSmithTV and join the challenge. Today’s workout was great. It was just 15 minutes long hence part of the name FitIn15 not just for 2015. It was a cardio workout, but my legs definitely got a workout too. They were starting to feel the burn. She is great with the way she does her videos in offering variations for all levels. She shows how to keep it low impact or for those seasoned fitness enthusiasts how to take it up a few notches. I found myself doing some lower impact stuff and other moves at a higher intensity. It’s so simple and easy to switch from the varying degrees of difficulty. I’m looking forward to the rest of this challenge.
I followed up my 15 minute workout with a 60 minute playlist by Club Fitz. If you haven’t checked her out on YouTube yet, you should. She teaches a hip hop fitness class in Oklahoma and tapes new dances and puts them up on YouTube. They are a lot of fun. I of course need to watch them a million times to pick up the choreography but that’s okay because I’m moving the whole time. She’s also created a few playlists and I did one of her 60 minute playlists. And, yeah I’m pretty sure I’d die in one of her classes because it was 60 minutes of working my legs, abs, arms, and dancing my butt off. It’s a lot of fun and I was sweating my butt off by the end. I think I want to find a hip hop fitness class to try out from time to time here in VA.
Finally I finished off my YouTube marathon with a 60 minute Yin Yoga workout. It was a workout that focused on the spine. This workout is wonderful it’s very low impact and with yin yoga we held each pose for 3 minutes. I of course find myself deeper and deeper in the pose as the minutes progress. This is one of my favorite workouts. It’s relaxing and I definitely feel my spine elongated and the muscles around my spine relaxed a bit after this workout is complete.
So, even though I wasn’t able to hit my fitness classes I still did the types of workouts that I would of attended in class. It’s all about keeping that appointment with yourself.
And, today I did. It felt good to really workout after 2 weeks of not doing much.

Day 22

22 days and I’m now planning a New Years Day party. I got another amazing cookbook called Paleo Happy Hour

And, well I’m loving the recipes in it I had a hard time narrowing down which recipes to make. However I’ve picked 7 recipes to make. The recipes I picked are great since there is a little something for everyone. I am even going to try my hand at making a few Paleo treats.
Needless to say I’m creating the shopping list for the party, and on Wednesday I’ll be making my shopping list for the rest of the week. Plus the husband will be home on Sunday from being out of the country for the past couple of months, so I’ve got make a menu of stuff that he’ll eat. Which is all meat but some veggies he’s not to fond of like broccoli and cauliflower, which are 2 veggies I love.
Today’s breakfast was 3 ingredient pancakes. Super simple to make, 1 banana, 2 eggs, and some cinnamon. Mash/mix it all together and pour batter into a skillet. Cook just like any other pancake. After Whole 30 is over I may add a touch of maple syrup over them. Although, the banana makes it pretty sweet and it doesn’t really need syrup. But, seriously quick, easy, tasty breakfast you should try especially if your missing those breakfast foods.
Lunch was salad with bbq chicken and clementines.
For dinner I was going to try out a new recipe. Piña colada chicken. It consists of some coconut milk, pineapple, and jerk seasoning. However, I was meeting friends and running late so I ate leftover fritters and will make this tomorrow night. I found the recipe in another one of the cookbooks I’ve recently purchased.

I have both Well Fed cookbooks. And, I believe this recipe is from Well Fed 2. I plan on trying a couple more recipes from these 2 cookbooks this week. I’ll let you know how they come out.
I skipped yoga and Zumba class today because I was going to the holiday lights on the boardwalk down on the oceanfront. I however, did an hour Zumba YouTube video, which you can check out here, followed by an hour yoga YouTube video, which you can check out by clicking here. So, I didn’t attend class, but still did the workouts.
I also did some more organizing, rearranging, cleaning of the house.
It’s been a productive day.
Tomorrow will mark 1 week left of Whole 30, craziness.


Day 17 With Lucky 13 Left

It’s the 17th day and I’m feeling really good.
I went to a new Zumba class today. As my regular Zumba class is cancelled today, I attended a different class with a different instructor. This is instructor was good with lots of crowd participation. However, holy cow does she have fast footwork. I found it very difficult to keep up with her at times. Of course it was the first time I was seeing the choreography. I think that if I attend her class a few more times I would pick it up. Pretty much is what happened with Priscilla. Practice and repetition makes perfect.
This instructor also teaches a piloxing class on Friday mornings before my Zumba class which I am seriously considering trying out this week. I think it’ll be quite the workout and a lot of fun too.
Breakfast was the muffin, which I’m getting a bit tired of but that’s okay. I am already thinking about what items I can put in them next time since I’m not a huge fan of the lake or breakfast sausage.
Lunch was a big salad of mixed greens with grilled chicken and mixed berries. I really like this combination for a salad. It’s super tasty. A bit sweet a bit tart and a whole lot of yumminess.
I’ll be off to yoga for some restorative flow which is definitely needed after yesterday’s power yoga class, my hour long Krav class and today’s zumba class. Some nice gentle relaxing stretching and reflection is just what the doctor ordered.
Dinner is meatballs with my new favorite zucchini noodles. I’m making baked pears tonight as well. I’m using the same recipe as I use for the apples but trying it with a pear to see how it comes out.
Using the pear was awesome and I can’t wait to try some other fruits. I will be using this recipe even after the Whole 30 is complete.

Happy Wednesday!

Starting The 2nd Trimester -No I’m Not Pregnant

Today, is day 11 which means I’m more than a third of the way through the Whole 30. And, so I’m now working on getting to 2/3 of the way through the Whole 30. Hence, the title of this blog we have moved onto the second third.
I’m happy to report that the craving for sweets that I had yesterday is not an issue today. And, can I just say Thank Goodness! I’m not sure I could handle 2 days in a row of that. I however, consulted my friend Pinterest to find some recipes that are Whole 30 compliant and help fill this sweet thing. And, I found quite a few that I will be making once the Whole 30 is over and I’m also buying the ingredients for at least one of the recipes to have on hand so that if I get that intense craving again I can whip up one of the “treats.”
I must say I have no idea what I did before Pinterest, the creator of it is simply a genius, an evil genius at that, but pure genius. I can log on and find hundreds of recipes in seconds it’s just a matter of narrowing it down to what I want to make. I probably thousands of recipes pinned and we’ll have made barely a tenth of them but I have ideas. Of course until very recently most of those recipes were not the healthiest options. Now, I’m looking for the Paleo, whole 30, clean eating recipes like it’s my job. So Pinterest for the win!
The meals today were pretty much a repeat of Tuesday’s. Breakfast was leftover casserole which tastes just as awesome reheated as it did the day it was made. Lunch, I used up the last of the Mexican chicken I had made a couple of nights ago. I threw it on top of lettuce with some avocado dressing. The addition of the dressing gave it a bit more pizazz. The avocado with the spice of the chicken was a great combination. I finished off lunch with blueberries. And, well these blueberries were perfect not a sour one in the bunch, they were sweet and crisp. Yum!
For dinner I had a bowl of chili, which was excellent of course I was dreaming about a nice piece of cornbread with it but it wasn’t something that I really needed. Just something that I wanted. I had an apple as well to finish out dinner.
Yoga was a good workout my quads were burning, and at times my legs were shaking. Although, I did do lunges today without the use of blocks so that’s an improvement. Making strides every day.
I’m hoping Krav doesn’t kick my ass too much. It’ll be fun either way.
And here’s my food pic: