Last night the husband and I headed out to dinner with friends. We ended up at the Olive Garden. Not exactly the best place for clean eating, but whatever. Being that I can’t have gluten I didn’t consume any of their wonderfully calorie filled deliciousness of breadsticks, so there was 1 obstacle overcome.
I opted for salad again not getting croutons because well this girl can’t eat them. I had a bowl of salad and had the dressing on the side. Because if you’ve looked up Olive Garden’s dressing nutrition facts you might have a mini heart attack.
The men, or the husbands had appetizers as well, which again were fried items that this girl can’t eat, another obstacle avoided.
For dinner I chose one of their “lighter fare” options. Citrus Chicken Sorrento. Grilled chicken with a citrus sauce and roasted veggies. The plate came in according to their menu and My Fitness Pal around 550 calories. Not to terrible for eating out. It was actually really good and if I find myself back at the ole OG I’d give it another go.

I was really happy with my choices and how I handled eating out. There was no over indulgence last night. And, to top it off we also had gotten lunch while we were out grocery shopping in which I order chicken salad plate. It was chicken salad over lettuce with fresh fruit. Pretty light and simple, but tasty and filling.
2 meals out and made great choices at both places that weren’t filled with fat and heavy on the calories. I’m working on not over indulging when out at restaurants. It’ll be a process and will take time but I will get there. Every day is one step closer to food not having a hold over me.
Anyway, to the title of this blog. On our way to dinner my husband had seen a sign for Farmers International Market. So, after dinner on our way home we decided to pop in and see what it was all about.
Well my friends it’s a rather large Asian market. The produce section is huge. They had tons of options for fruits and veggies. Lots of things I’ve never even heard of and others that I have heard of but had no idea even where to begin to look for them. Well now I know where to find them. I will definitely be going back to get some fun interesting vegetables to experiment with. Pinterest get ready I’ll be using you a lot in the near future I am sure.
We picked up a couple of items that we found interesting or reasonably priced. Coconut milk, yeah I bought a ton of it. Curry paste red and green and some other spices. We even got the dogs some marrow bones.
Now, I will say I was a bit in shock as I’ve never been in a really big Asian market before, and well there was tongue for sale which I’ve seen before but can’t imagine ever eating, they had uncooked pig ears, if they had been cooked I would of gotten them for the dogs but raw I wasn’t going near, rabbit, and hog heads. What the hell, people eat that? It grossed me out a bit. Needless to say I’ll be staying away from the butcher section of the market on my next visit. That’s a bit too much for me. But, to those who eat that stuff more power to you.
I was a vegetarian for 17 years and just started eating some fish and chicken and turkey again recently so, I’m not sure I’ll ever get to the point where I even consider tongue, hog head, ears, or rabbit something I’d eat yet alone touch or cook.
Anyways, it was cool to find this place and I’m definitely going to go back to try out some of the different vegetables and experiment with them. And, load up on coconut milk at an amazing price.
I’m going to have to be on the lookout for other markets to see what they offer. Now, that I’m experimenting even more in the kitchen than before it’s always fun to find new ingredients.
How about you do you have any fun cool stores to shop in to find weird not the run of the mill ingredients?