I Need My Gym Back

On Monday these 2 women showed up to zumba class. Now we’ve had a lot of new people showing up to all of the classes. All those New Year Resolutioners and all. However, most of the people that show up try to follow the instructor and move to the back of the class. Oh not these 2. They went to the front row and then just pretty much did whatever the hell they wanted. I tried to help them get the steps but they don’t listen. Which hey ok zumba is fun, but when you are in a small space and you have a lot of people in said small space you can’t act like an
First, there is somewhat of a protocol for proper behavior in a fitness class especially when you are an adult you really should know how to act. Second, when you are participating in a class with synchronized movement you have to put some effort into trying. No, I’m not expecting perfection because I screw up all of the time but a little effort to at least look like your trying to follow along. Third, when you don’t move with the class you are going to hurt someone. And, lastly when you are like a complete a$$hole you’re distracting to everyone there. I mean even the instructor was having difficulty doing her own routines.
So, I went to class today hoping that they wouldn’t show up again. Unfortunately, they were there again. Shoot me now. Before and after class we have to move all of the spin bikes to make room for the class. So I was the first one there and started moving all of the bikes. I know which ones have to be moved and how we have to put them to maximize space in the room. A couple of people that are fairly new showed up and started helping. I was like great. We pack them all over here. Well, one of these women showed up and started moving bikes, I said no just stop please that’s not where or how they go. Move the bikes over here. And, her answer was well last time there were bikes over here. You’re right there were but they don’t go the way your putting them, a lot of movement has to be done so please move the bikes here. Her response was to scream at me well then you can do it. Yup, I can thank you. My response to her was listen when we have as many people as we have been having we have to get every inch of space out of this room, and when we have people that are new we need even more space. She just gave me a glare. I really wanted to just punch her in the face.
I may have to stop going to class because they are making it a miserable experience for me. And, I am not sure how long I can refrain from actually punching them in the face.
Now it’s yoga time I need some OM in my life.