Okay, so I finished the Whole 30 and survived, learned a whole lot about food and myself. However, tonight I’m going to be eating some Mexican. And, well I can’t wait. I love Mexican food and I plan on eating it tonight.
However, I am quickly developing a plan for this little night out eating. I will have some chips and salsa because I love chips and salsa. However, I’m going to not eat them until I’ve consumed an entire day’s worth of calories in one sitting. 10 chips and salsa will be my limit.
For dinner I will be having enchiladas because well those are my absolute favorite and the place we are going has an excellent enchilada sauce that is gluten-free. I’m going to eat my 2 enchiladas with a little rice and that will be it. I’m sure I could, actually I know I could eat way more than that but I won’t. I’ve developed my plan and that’s what I’m going with.
I’ve come a long way and lost a lot of weight and inches the past month and no need to sabotage it by overindulging tonight. Especially since Wednesday night there was some indulgence and Thursday there was a bit of indulgence too. Yesterday I did really well with my clean eating as well as today for breakfast and lunch. So, yes I will be indulging a bit but I’m going to keep it in check.
Tomorrow, is weigh-in day for my DietBet so I need to definitely keep myself on track and moving towards what I want.
Today I also got my email for the first week of FitIn15 with JessicaSmithTV. It gives the break down for what the workout routine is for this coming week. The plan for this week has 3 days of 15 minute or less workout and 3 days of taking a 10-15 minute walk. So it’s something easy to add in to your life it’s 15 minutes. Seriously go check her out on YouTube JessicaSmithTV and subscribe to her it’s not too late to join the challenge. She’s worked it out so that it can work with any fitness level. I’m going to stick to the beginner version right now, which is just doing the 15 minute workouts because I am adding them in addition to my fitness classes that I’m already doing. However, she provides links to keep going if you need more or want more. When you join the challenge you’ll get her mailing which breaks it all down for you. And, well week 1 looks pretty doable. I’m excited about it. It’ll be the first challenge like this I’ve ever done. And, this added with my DietBet is just what I need to keep me on the right track.
What are you doing to get on or stay on track now that the new year has started.