It’s finally winter here well for today and maybe tomorrow. 

I’ve made myself some hot cocoa and almond butter chocolate bars. 

My hot cocoa recipe is an estimate but if you’d like to give it a whirl here’s the ingredients I use:

Almond milk -as much as you want to drink

Honey- about a tablespoon 

Pure Cocoa Powder -about 2 tablespoons or to your desired taste. 

Whisk over medium heat till combined and heated to desire temperature. 

I added some almond milk caramel pecan creamer to it tonight. It’s delicious. 

The almond butter chocolate bars are actually supposed to be peanut butter chocolate bars, but I don’t eat peanut butter so I subbed the almond butter in. 

The recipe is from My Whole Food Life. I love this blog and I follow them on Facebook. They have so many amazing recipes. This recipe was so easy to make and very tasty. I’ll be making these again. 

You can check out the recipe here.