I’m a Through The Gate With Day 8

Today was a great day. I had all new meals today which was also an enjoyment since I was getting a bit bored with the food that I had been eating last week.
I’ve got some new meals for this week and I’m looking forward to them.
Breakfast was a sausage egg “mc muffin” which didn’t quite come out as planned but still worked out. I didn’t have raw chicken sausage so I used sausage links that I cut up, but of course that won’t make a very good party so it was just chunks of sausage but it still tastes good. My egg rounds need some practice I had a bit of a leak with one of the eggs. It was however the first time doing it so I’m sure I’ll get better with practice.
This isn’t the egg round molds I have but similar enough.

Next time I’ll be sure to press it down firmly as I add the egg. You live you learn, and for the most part it worked fine.
Anyway, with the non-patty of sausage and my one egg round that kind of got away from me I couldn’t really eat it as a “mc muffin” but it still tasted wonderful.
For lunch I took some turkey, lettuce, and avocado, rolled it up into a roll and ate it. It was nice and tasty as well.
Dinner was maybe my favorite thing I’ve made so far over the past 8 days. I made a Paleo Mexican Soup. Oh my goodness it’s pure deliciousness. There is lots of hearty stuff in the soup and mixed with the spices it’s amazing. It smells wonderful, tastes unbelievable , and makes a ton. I’ll be freezing a lot of it so that I can have some at a later date. Plus this soup I think my husband will love as well. If you’d like to make it you can check out the recipe here. Just a warning I cut the recipe in half and I made a huge batch I would have gallons if I had made the full recipe.
I found some yummy recipes for tomorrow to try as well and am quite excited about them.
Along with the food I made this week I’ve moved onto a new tea for the week. Last week I made green tea and mottled raspberries into. This week it’s peppermint tea with mottled blackberries. And, well I have to say I’m loving it. The peppermint gives it a bit of flair and the blackberries add a bit of sweetness to the mix. I’ll have to start thinking about what combination I’m going to make for next week.
And, now for your viewing pleasure food of the day:

For my snack between fitness classes today I had Monkey Salad. What is Monkey Salad you ask, it’s wonderful deliciousness. It’s banana, nuts, and coconut. I loved it but it’s a bit more calories than I like in a snack. I think next time I’ll cut the recipe in half.
Happy Monday.