That Kicked My A$$

Today is out to kick my ass and it’s not even 11am yet. I did workout 12 of the #fitin15 challenge this morning. It was a standing abs, buns, and thighs routine. So yup stuff burning before I even ate breakfast. It was only 17 minutes, but I felt every last second of those 17 minutes.
I made myself and the husband breakfast, packed the gym bag, and off we went. Piloxing class was intense. I don’t think we were even through the warm up and I was already breaking a sweat. Add in the core work and the leg work and oh my god. We did a ton of stuff on one side and then would switch to the other. I thought my standing leg was going to die. I made it through but when I say the sweat was dripping I mean it. It was like doing a T25 workout. But hey I guess it’s working. According to the heart rate monitor 500 calories burned in those 50 minutes so I’ll take it.
I’m now recouping a bit rehydrating and having a snack so I can kick zumba’s a$$ and not the other way around.
I love working out. I never thought I’d be the person to say that but I get agitated when I can’t do my workouts. It actually pisses me off. Who knew that I’d become that person.
After Zumba it’ll be off to do the grocery shopping for the week then home for some lunch and maybe a nap. I might need it today. Plus laundry will have to be done. There has been so much laundry lately it’s driving me crazy. I feel like I do it every day and there are only 2 of us. Yup, definitely will be taking a nap after thinking about the laundry.
Happy Friday.

Getting Back Into It

With the holiday weekend that meant 3 days of no gym classes. And, well when you go 6 times a week and take 11 classes a week, going 3 days without those classes messes with you.
I’m happy to say that I really enjoyed yesterday’s classes. I attended yoga and belly dancing. Usually Tuesday’s I go to Krav after yoga however, my friend who I attend class with is on vacation so no Krav class until she comes back. But, I was okay with that because I attended my second belly dancing class.
First, though I had to get through power yoga. Man, I don’t know if it was the extra day off from doing yoga, or if the instructor was just making us work for it, but the hour class was a bit brutal. I was definitely working up a sweat and had a bit of a shake going at times. It was a great workout, but I definitely was feeling it.
And, well that hour class was immediately followed up by an hour of belly dancing. The thing I like about the class is that it’s a ton of fun and the entire time it doesn’t fee like a workout, but let me assure you it is. My abs are a bit sore today. They are definitely feeling all of the work they did yesterday. It’s a great class and a ton of fun and so worth the hour spent in class.
It feels really good to b going to class again. I miss it when I can’t go or the classes are cancelled. I’m looking forward to today’s Zumba and slow flow yoga class today.
I also completed Workout #8 of the Fit In 15 challenge I’m doing. Which means that I’m more than half way through that challenge. I need to start thinking about what February’s challenge is going to be. And, I’ve got a week and an half left of my DietBet.
This past weekend away definitely hampered the DietBet results a bit, but I’m confident that I’ll get there. I’ll be eating more Whole 30 meals instead of Paleo/Primal meals next week which will hopefully also help to shed the last couple of pounds I need to lose. I can do this.
When we got home I did get on the scale and it went up but as I got on it this morning and I was back to where I was before I think it was a bit of water weight from eating a lot of salty food. I also had some inflammation going on as my ankles and feet were swelled up a bit. Probably a combination of salt, water retention, and a bit of gluten ingestion. So, I’m confident that I can get to my DietBet goal.
Happy Hump Day

A Little Meme Action

This was me yesterday in yoga class and probably will be me again today.

This is so true. I have the bruises to show for it. But, I love this class and look forward to it.

Yeah that’s my look as we are learning another new routine today.

And, seriously I do have a spot in zumba, but especially in yoga class and it puts me in a state when people are in it.

And, finally words to live by:


A Little Of This & A Little Of That

Today started off pretty awesome. I got up early did my 15 minute Workout #3 for the FitIn15 challenge I’m doing.
Let me tell you Jessica Smith gets you working. In just 15 minutes she gets your heart rate up and some sweat flowing. Plus, she gives you so many modifications that anyone can do it, from beginner to advanced it’s all there for everyone. So, anyway in just 15 minutes she had my heart rate up in the 150’s which hey that’s pretty awesome.
I finished up the workout and had some breakfast. My cup of tea, which after doing a Whole 30 I don’t even think about adding any sort of sweetener to anymore. It tastes just fine without the honey or stevia or whatever else I may have been using to sweeten my tea. So another big thank you to Whole 30 for changing something so small in my life, but making a huge impact. Ok, so I had my tea some turkey breakfast sausage, and on a side note I picked up a different brand of turkey breakfast sausage today to try and see if I like it better once this sausage is gone. I paired my sausage with my scone clone and enjoyed every bite.
I headed off to the gym for Piloxing. And, was super excited to try out my new Nike Studio Wraps that I got right after Christmas. But, alas it was not to be as the instructor never showed up. Which kind of ticked me off, okay not kind of it really ticked me off. Because, now I was left with an hour and a half of time to kill before my Zumba class started. I made the most of it and hopped on the treadmill and did 30 minutes. I will definitely be packing my Moov and headphones from now on, so that if this happens again I can do my Moov training and have some tunes to listen to while I walk to nowhere.
But, hey I made due with the situation and kept that workout appointment I had made with myself. So, I’m still winning.
Zumba class was great and I worked up a real sweat and moved a lot. I was shaking my groove thing. LOL. We learned a new routine today as well. It was pretty cool I will definitely need to work on a couple of the steps but hey that’s okay, I do go to the class 3 times a week so I will definitely pick it up.
After class it was off to pick up groceries. I got the groceries and even got to meet up with the hubby for lunch.
So, my meal plan wasn’t really changed it just went from eating deli chicken breast with lettuce and fresh fruit to eating grilled chicken with lettuce tomato and fresh fruit from one of our favorite little bistros in town. It was nice to have lunch with the hubby and spend a half hour just chatting.
Now I’m home taking care of some household chores. Namely laundry, lots of laundry and dishes. Thankfully not as many of them as there are loads of laundry. Having another person home has definitely increased my laundry issue. Did I mention I hate laundry.
Happy Friday! And, make the most out of any situation.

Day 22

22 days and I’m now planning a New Years Day party. I got another amazing cookbook called Paleo Happy Hour

And, well I’m loving the recipes in it I had a hard time narrowing down which recipes to make. However I’ve picked 7 recipes to make. The recipes I picked are great since there is a little something for everyone. I am even going to try my hand at making a few Paleo treats.
Needless to say I’m creating the shopping list for the party, and on Wednesday I’ll be making my shopping list for the rest of the week. Plus the husband will be home on Sunday from being out of the country for the past couple of months, so I’ve got make a menu of stuff that he’ll eat. Which is all meat but some veggies he’s not to fond of like broccoli and cauliflower, which are 2 veggies I love.
Today’s breakfast was 3 ingredient pancakes. Super simple to make, 1 banana, 2 eggs, and some cinnamon. Mash/mix it all together and pour batter into a skillet. Cook just like any other pancake. After Whole 30 is over I may add a touch of maple syrup over them. Although, the banana makes it pretty sweet and it doesn’t really need syrup. But, seriously quick, easy, tasty breakfast you should try especially if your missing those breakfast foods.
Lunch was salad with bbq chicken and clementines.
For dinner I was going to try out a new recipe. Piña colada chicken. It consists of some coconut milk, pineapple, and jerk seasoning. However, I was meeting friends and running late so I ate leftover fritters and will make this tomorrow night. I found the recipe in another one of the cookbooks I’ve recently purchased.

I have both Well Fed cookbooks. And, I believe this recipe is from Well Fed 2. I plan on trying a couple more recipes from these 2 cookbooks this week. I’ll let you know how they come out.
I skipped yoga and Zumba class today because I was going to the holiday lights on the boardwalk down on the oceanfront. I however, did an hour Zumba YouTube video, which you can check out here, followed by an hour yoga YouTube video, which you can check out by clicking here. So, I didn’t attend class, but still did the workouts.
I also did some more organizing, rearranging, cleaning of the house.
It’s been a productive day.
Tomorrow will mark 1 week left of Whole 30, craziness.


Day 19

Today marks the 19th day of Whole 30. And, well it’s been a jammed packed day already.
I got up early since I was going to try out a new fitness class and needed to eat beforehand.
I got up ate my “muffins” and got myself packed to go to class. Along with packing for class I packed a snack since I was taking 2 fitness classes and also my lunch since I would be running errands after class.
The new class I attended was Piloxing, and holy crow what a workout. It was awesome! It was a workout and than some. I was sweating and pushing hard through the whole workout. I definitely feel my abs already after all of the work we did and I had a serious cardio burn going. I loved it and can’t wait to do it again after the holidays when classes resume.
After the class I had 45 minutes for cooling off, having a snack, and rehydrating before I started my Zumba class.
Zumba class was a lot of fun, although I was definitely tired after the Piloxing class. I’ll get used to doing the double workout after a few weeks of doing this. It’ll just take some time to get used too.
After Zumba it was off to do errands and eat lunch on the go. I had turkey roll ups with lettuce since I’m able to eat them easily while driving and running around. I also had mixed berries, which actually didn’t get eaten until I made it home from running my errands.
I went to Barnes and Noble to check out a couple of books that I was interested in purchasing. I looked them over fell in love with them, but only bought one of them since I was able to get them on Amazon for a lot cheaper. I of course ordered the books on Amazon while I was at Barnes and Noble. Yeah sorry but when I can get them for half of what you’re charging I’ll wait the 2 days for delivery. Of course they are all Paleo cookbooks. I’m totally in love with this way of eating and will be continuing it. I won’t be as strict, because well I miss cheese and will be adding little bits of that in from time to time.
Dinner will consist of the last of my meatballs with zucchini noodles and a baked apple.
I did the grocery shopping for next week and got some yummy ingredients to make some wonderful meals. I love grocery shopping right now as I only go around the outside of the store and stay away from the middle aisles where all of the processed food is. I do go down 2 aisles, the canned aisle to get tomatoes, tomato sauce, and paste, and also the baking/spices aisle to pick up different meals/flours and of course all of the new spices I’m experimenting with. So needless to say grocery shopping is pretty quick and easy and also having an organized list broken up into categories also helps.
My husband will be happy that I’ve decided to go Paleo as he tries to be as Paleo as possible. Well when he’s home he won’t have much of a choice as that will be what I’m making.
Paleo living for me. Thank you Whole 30 for making me realize what I was putting in my body, and most of it wasn’t anything good.
Happy Friday!

Day 17 With Lucky 13 Left

It’s the 17th day and I’m feeling really good.
I went to a new Zumba class today. As my regular Zumba class is cancelled today, I attended a different class with a different instructor. This is instructor was good with lots of crowd participation. However, holy cow does she have fast footwork. I found it very difficult to keep up with her at times. Of course it was the first time I was seeing the choreography. I think that if I attend her class a few more times I would pick it up. Pretty much is what happened with Priscilla. Practice and repetition makes perfect.
This instructor also teaches a piloxing class on Friday mornings before my Zumba class which I am seriously considering trying out this week. I think it’ll be quite the workout and a lot of fun too.
Breakfast was the muffin, which I’m getting a bit tired of but that’s okay. I am already thinking about what items I can put in them next time since I’m not a huge fan of the lake or breakfast sausage.
Lunch was a big salad of mixed greens with grilled chicken and mixed berries. I really like this combination for a salad. It’s super tasty. A bit sweet a bit tart and a whole lot of yumminess.
I’ll be off to yoga for some restorative flow which is definitely needed after yesterday’s power yoga class, my hour long Krav class and today’s zumba class. Some nice gentle relaxing stretching and reflection is just what the doctor ordered.
Dinner is meatballs with my new favorite zucchini noodles. I’m making baked pears tonight as well. I’m using the same recipe as I use for the apples but trying it with a pear to see how it comes out.
Using the pear was awesome and I can’t wait to try some other fruits. I will be using this recipe even after the Whole 30 is complete.

Happy Wednesday!

A Third Of The Way With Day 10

Today marks day 10 which means I’ve already done a third of the Whole 30 can you believe it. I sure can’t. I’m a little shocked that it’s already been 10 days.
However, today I was actually starving at 2 points during the day. I was starving before my Zumba class and by the time the class was over I was famished and ready to devour my snack. My Monkey Salad snack was definitely something that hit the spot this afternoon. The second time I was feeling hungry was after my yoga class, which is to be expected since I was starving before workouts started.
I’m not sure why I was so hungry today. It may have been because of the times that I ate today which were a bit earlier than normal as in an hour or more before the earliest I’ve eaten so far. We will see how I feel tomorrow.
The other thing I had to deal with today is I’m craving something sweet and fruit just isn’t cutting it. I want junk food/desserts. It’s starting to subside but it’s still here. Which, is kind of weird since I haven’t really craved the dessert thing since I started. Hoping that tomorrow this craving is gone.
I made my meal plan for next week and shopping list. It’s looking like another exciting week of good food. I’ll be using the crock pot again to make my dinners this upcoming week. Which I like because it’s throw it in and you can pretty much forget about it.
Zumba class was a good one we learned a new routine and did some of the older routines that we haven’t done in a while which was fun.
Yoga was a good class , we did a lot of opening up the shoulders again which is something I desperately need. I can’t wait until Friday when hopefully all of the shoulder issues will be somewhat resolved.
And here’s my food picture:


Feeling Lazy

I woke up this morning with a killer migraine. As in all I wanted to do was curl up and die. I settled for putting a pillow and blankets over my head and taking some migraine meds.
By noon the migraine had subsided enough to get some things done.
I headed off to zumba class and skipped out on my yoga class tonight. I needed to head to Whole Foods to pick up some items for Thanksgiving and since I didn’t go during the day I decided to make the trek over there after my zumba class.
Tomorrow I’ll be going to Krav Maga and skipping yoga once again.
My foot and ankle are still bothering me and so I’m trying to do workouts but not overdo it. I’ll be looking into an orthopedic tomorrow to follow up some more to make sure that it’s just tendinitis going on. We’ve pretty much ruled out a stress fracture might do one more X-ray in a few days just to make 100% sure.
I hate injuries.